31 Things We Learned from the Game of Thrones Women

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22. Accessories are a girl’s best friend.


Not only does Melisandre’s infamous choker go with any red dress, it doesn’t look half bad when Carice van Houten goes au naturel, either. Bonus: It takes a couple centuries off your face, thereby doubling as a revolutionary jewelry/concealer hybrid. It’s like Tiffany’s and Sephora had a magic baby.

The magic baby also happens to pretty clearly tell us a lot about Melisandre, too. The choker isn’t really elaborate by any means. However, fans have seen its pattern somewhere else already. Remember Quaithe, that strange shadowbinder that Dany meets in Season 2? Yeah, she happens to wear the same pattern in metal pieces over her face. Melisandre herself also knows how to bind shadows, if by bind shadows we mean “have shadow assassin babies that she literally has to birth”.

Additionally, the choker just doesn’t look like Westerosi wear. Melisandre’s best friend not only keeps her young and beautiful, it reminds everyone that she’s not from around here, and that she’s more than a little mysterious.

These are necessary points when you have to tell the man you’re currently loyal to about the Lord of Light’s wishes.

Or, in the real world, it’s important to remember that your accessories can tell a story about you just as much as your clothes do.