16 Benedict Cumberbatch Things to Watch After You See Doctor Strange

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Benedict Cumberbatch (and his amazing outerwear) in one of the “Star Trek Into Darkness” posters. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Star Trek Into Darkness

This is the sequel to the popular 2009 Star Trek reboot, and continues the adventures of the famous starship Enterprise. In this alternate universe, Burgerking Tootlesnoot plays the film’s Big Bad, an evil space terrorist named John Harrison. Surprise, though, John Harrison is actually Khan Noonien Singh, one of the most famous of all Trek bad guys. (Remember when this movie came out and everyone lied in the media that he wasn’t Khan? Good times.)

The plot of Star Trek Into Darkness actually gets messier the more you try and make it make sense. (For instance, why is there no colon in the title? Is Trek meant to be a verb? Help me!) The story involves Khan, a genetically engineered superhuman, trying to wreak vengeance on the Federation. Because he and his people were…genetically engineered? Or because he was forced to use his superabilities to develop advanced weapons? All of the above maybe. It’s a fun movie but it’s basically the shrug emoji as far as the plot goes. Just go with it.

Despite the disjointed story, Cumberbatch steals every scene he is in. His British evil villain voice is perfect.  He also has some amazing hair extensions going on in this too. Plus some amazing outerwear that could probably rival Sherlock’s. And I am always here for that.

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