16 Benedict Cumberbatch Things to Watch After You See Doctor Strange

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Benedict Cumberbatch in “Third Star”. (Photo: Western Edge Pictures)

Third Star

This indie film features one of my favorite Bandicoot Crimpysnitch roles of all time, and unless you’re a fairly serious Cumberbitch, you probably haven’t seen it. Please correct this right now.

Cumberbatch plays James, a young man who is terminally ill with cancer. He and his three best friends decide to set off on a hiking trip, as one final adventure together. Their final destination is James’ favorite beach at Barafundle Bay, where they plan to swim and plant a tree in honor of their journey. James has been ill for some time and in a lot of pain. He is growing increasingly bitter that is life will be over before he did anything with it.

Davy (Tom Burke), Bill (Adam Robertson) and Miles (J.J. Field) all have their own problems and personal issues, both with James and themselves. The four main actors all have wonderful chemistry together. Furthermore, the movie does a great job both depicting and exploring male friendship, in all its equally dumb and heartwarming forms. The men learn some life lessons, do some silly stuff, and make everyone watching cry. A lot.

Third Star is a little film with a tremendous amount of heart, and a fantastic ensemble cast. It’s really lovely, and also really emotionally devastating, but it’s a tragic ending that feels very earned.

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