21 Things That Netflix’s The Crown Gave Us To Love

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Peter Townsend

The relationship between Peter Townsend and Princess Margaret took over a nation. Everyone became obsessed with the divorced man and his love affair with royalty. But getting an in depth look their love affair makes it even more tragic.

The two clearly loved each other and wanted to be together but the crown took precedence and broke apart their relationship. Margaret and Peter began their relationship after his wife left him and King George VI died. He comforted Margaret and the two tried to keep it secret until they could tell Elizabeth.

She supported them until the government stepped in and told her that they couldn’t marry. So Margaret and Peter waited. They separated themselves and it truly showed a new side to Peter Townsend that no one had seen.

He worked so hard so that he could be reunited with Margaret and so when they told him and Margaret that they couldn’t marry each other, he stepped up, told people they decided against it and left the country.

What was heartbreaking was when he finally returned the British embassy to look at the picture he had of Margaret on his bedside table. There he started sobbing and we realized just how much he wanted to be with her even though his country wouldn’t let him.