21 Things That Netflix’s The Crown Gave Us To Love

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The Crown and All Its Functions

Many believe that the crown is a simple thing that the queen and the Royal family all own and where. Well, not so much. In the show, we get glimpses on how the crown actually works and what each crown means.

For starters, Elizabeth was practicing walking with the crown on her head so she didn’t have it fall off during her coronation. If anyone is like me, I just assumed it sat securely on her head. Clearly, I know nothing about crowns or being royalty.

Then at a later point in the show, Elizabeth is on her Commonwealth Tour and Margaret is stepping in for her. So, she asks to wear a crown that specifically belongs to Elizabeth. Apparently, there are different levels of crown ownership within the Royal family. Again, could be a well known fact. I just don’t know much about crowns apparently.

But either way, it is very interesting watching the inner workings of the crowns. Dealing with the correct occasion for them and who gets to wear what. It is quite fascinating. All we see on the outside if the jeweled crown we all want to wear one day but there are much more to every crown the Royal family owns.