21 Things That Netflix’s The Crown Gave Us To Love

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith is not new to most people. Many knew him from Party Animals before he came bounding onto our screens as the eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who. He stole hearts and instantly became a fan favorite among whovians so when he left the show, many were anxiously awaiting his next project.

And The Crown paints him in an entirely new light. He is fantastic as Philip, bringing to life what we know him to have been like while also addressing him as a character. This isn’t a perfect retelling of what happened when Elizabeth first took over. It is fictionalized, but Matt Smith brings something special to Philip.

He brings a vulnerability that we all knew Philip had but never really saw. He shows us all the pain he feels and how trapped all of this is making him. He can’t even do what he wants without the government’s permission and Matt Smith makes sure the audience can see every thought going through Philip’s mind.

He is brilliant on the show and it is really nice to see Matt looking pretty good as Philip too. All those naked scenes and Matt with his shirt off? Thanks Netflix for giving us all what we’ve always wanted!