23 National Nightmares We’ve Already Overcome

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The L Word, episode “Losing the Light,” courtesy of Showtime.

#15: *That* Death on The L Word

No, not Jenny’s, you MONSTER. We got over that situation as quickly as we got over Romney’s 2012 defeat. Dana Fairbanks, awkward, sweet, loving, nervous, confused, perfect Dana was ripped out of our lives too soon. In Season 3, to be precise. And I, and most of my fellow Americans, I’m presuming, have yet to fully accept this loss. It didn’t seem fair, it happened so quickly, and now WHAT THE HELL ARE WE AND ALICE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH OURSELVES!?!? The shock of this senseless tragedy was a dark time for us, America. We see so little diverse representation, that the mere existence of a show entirely about funny, interesting lesbians felt too good to be true. And it turns out, it was. We flew too close to the sun in assuming that we’d finally found comfort, joy, understanding in a TV show. But from the ashes eventually rose a phoenix, and that phoenix was named Tasha and almost everything felt right and fine and okay again for us and for Alice. Almost everything. Never forget.