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Image via Redbubble/Rachele Cateyes

“No Shame” Pillow

For: The body-positive feminist

Price: $29.17

Body-positivity is a huge aspect of feminism. We live in a society that constantly tells women that their looks are the most important thing about them. And then, everything and everyone – from movies to magazines to advertisements to people on the street – goes about telling us what we should look like. In both subtle and explicit ways, women are receiving messages every day about how their bodies are not acceptable.

Fortunately we live in a time in which that norm is starting to change. Actresses, models, writers, and activists whose bodies don’t conform to that super-thin expectation are speaking out. Just recently, Refinery 21 started The 67% Project, noting that 67% of women in America are size 14 or above, so the images on their website and in the rest of the media should reflect that. Women are demanding better representation in all ways, including body size. And producers, companies, and advertising are all starting to take note of that. The more that women exercise their buying power to support companies and projects that represent non-thin women, the more representation they will get.

This pillow, however, is a staunch declaration of joyful self-acceptance! Featuring a pudgy little pup, the pillow declares, “No Shame In My Belly Game.” The artist, Rachele Cateyes, features tons of body positive designs in her shop. But this little dog is a body-positive patronus: carefree, proud, loving herself, happily wagging her little tail, living her dog life. Also, the design is available in many products, including shirts and phone cases. So give this pillow, or whatever other product she’d love, to the body-positive lady in your life!

She’ll Love It If: She enthusiastically loaned you a copy of Shrill by Lindy West; she has pictures of the Lane Bryant/The 67% Project ad campaign (with Danielle Brooks, Gabourey Sidibe, and Ashley Graham) hung up on her wall; her plus-size crop top collection is on point

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