How to Get Away with Murder Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: Do It! Don’t Do It!


This week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder brought Frank back into the fold, at least for some people if not others. Time for some drama!

Warning: spoilers for How to Get Away with Murder’s November 10 episode follow.

How to Get Away with Murder started off with a viewer discretion advised warning tonight, and we all prepared for the absolute worst.

In her holding cell during the flash-forward, Annalise insists that Bonnie tell her she is not the informant. Bonnie does so. “I’m done, Bonnie,” she says quietly. “I can’t do it anymore. I’m tired.” Bonnie says she will look into it.

1 week earlier, Bonnie wakes Annalise up to inform her of Frank’s return. Speaking of Frank, he asks Laurel about her feelings for Wes and says he needs her and that he is in love with her. She tells him to leave. “I’m scared what I’ll do if I gotta be alone tonight,” he says.

Bonnie calls. Once they confirm Frank is at Laurel’s, Annalise warns that she’ll kill him if he comes to her house. He starts to leave, but Laurel tells him to come back inside if he loves her. He goes back inside.

In Michaela’s apartment the next morning, she gets a call from her mom and ignores it. Wes’ lawyer pays him a visit. He has been served a subpoena and has to testify about seeing Charles Mahoney. Annalise’s sage advice: find the alibi.

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Bonnie visits Laurel and walks in on Frank putting his clothes on. After all of this drama, Annalise needs his particular set of skills.

Laurel tells Wes about Frank’s visiting her, and she insists nothing happened. Meanwhile, Frank starts trailing Mahoney’s lawyer. Hargrove calls Annalise. It turns out that President Hargrove’s husband has served her with divorce papers. Annalise agrees to offer advice after first offering an eyeroll.

The Plot Thickens (Again)

In the workroom, Oliver receives flowers from Thomas and makes an offer to, ahem, spelunk with Connor. Unfortunately, Annalise calls, meaning Oliver has to put away his headlamp for now. Simon Drake, as he is wont to do, makes a sly comment about not being able to, ahem, penetrate the Keating 5’s inner circle.

At the house, the Keating 5 starts planning to stall the hearing to give Frank time. Michaela and Connor don’t want to help and walk out. Meanwhile, Wes proposes using his medical records to force the lawyers into requesting a psych eval. Bonnie approves.

Frank, still on the trail of Mahoney’s lawyer, recognizes the woman who talked him into causing that car accident. She and Mahoney’s lawyer meet. Bonnie informs Annalise of this development, and Annalise doesn’t have a witty response.

Still from How to Get Away with Murder 3×08. Image via ABC

At the hospital, Wes says he isn’t worried about Connor and Michaela. Meggy then walks by, clearly still hurt, and Wes goes to get his records.

Back at the office, Asher asks the obvious question: do they like Frank again? Bonnie tells him to go home before Wes and Laurel walk in with the medical records. It’s enough to get the defense to request the evaluation.

Wes’ lawyer expresses his strenuous objection to Annalise’ hijinks. Once he leaves, she tells Frank to ensure that Frank do nothing.

No More Blood?

Connor and Oliver shower together. While Oliver helpfully soaps Connor’s chest, he admits he said no to helping Annalise. Ollie keeps asking questions. Thomas gives him a call, but he ignores it for some sexy shower time with Connor.

Asher wants to know why Michaela didn’t want to help. She says she just wants to put herself first and that her family just wasn’t nice to her. He asks why her mom called. She doesn’t know, and it’s complicated. Satisfied with this, he puts his head on her lap.

Annalise, prepping Wes for the evaluation, snaps when he asks her about taking Frank back. She changes the subject to Laurel. Frank calls after Wes leaves and sends photos of the inside of the house of Lisa Cameron — the woman who gave him the money. She has a child. It’s an eye for an eye.

Still from How to Get Away with Murder 3×08. Image via ABC.

“No more blood,” Annalise insists. Frank then hangs up, because Lisa and her child are coming home.

Lisa reads a bedtime story to her little girl, while he looms in the closet. Annalise, meanwhile, remembers losing her son. She heads straight for the convenience store, cracks open a bottle of wine, and gives it a good long sniff. Then, though, she buys junk food and sees disposable phones.

Frank calls Bonnie after leaving the house. Although he gives Lisa and the girl a nice creepy stare, he does not hurt them. Then Bonnie tells him to go back inside. “This is what she needs.” She promptly lies to Annalise about what she has just said.

At the psych eval, Wes starts answering questions. As he speaks, Bonnie gives the burner phone to a cop, who then gives it to Charles Mahoney. Laurel pays a visit to Annalise, who says she needs her help. Help entails speaking to Nate and getting him to participate. Wes gets cleared to testify.

The state calls him to the stand. Laurel walks in as Wes testifies. Then, Mahoney’s lawyer, Ms. Benton, takes over, insisting that he is lying. The judge threatens to send the case straight to court based on the badgering.

Still from How to Get Away with Murder 3×08. Image via ABC

Annalise gets the update from Laurel, then advises Hargrove to stop crying out for help and start fighting. Hargrove pointedly asks if Annalise is speaking from experience.

Back at the hearing, Mahoney’s mistress — Lisa Cameron — testifies. Nate’s help turns out to be tipping the state’s attorney off to the burner phone in Mahoney’s cell, because Frank called the burner phone’s number from inside her house. In other words, it looks like her alibi for him was planned, not actually real.

Relationships, Once Again

Oliver and Connor, clothed, start discussing Connor’s secrets, and the fight starts. Oliver says that he doesn’t think Connor loves him, but is emotionally damaged from what happened with Annalise. Connor walks out, and love dies yet again.

Wes and Laurel walk into her apartment. He promises he’ll look out for her. A little ominous, eh? Seems like he’s already planning his future betrayal of Annalise.

Speaking of AK, she finds Bonnie on her doorstep. Frank is inside, and Annalise walks in alone. “Thank you for seeing me,” Frank says.

Another viewer discretion warning airs. Connor walks back into Michaela’s, flops onto the couch, starts crying, and breaks a wine glass. Asher comes out, gets dismissed, and goes back into her room. Her mom calls. He picks up.

Frank, meanwhile, talks about how Sam manipulated him and how work made her better after the accident. Annalise, meanwhile, says that he watched her suffer. “You killed my son. That was you,” she hisses. Both start crying. Frank says he wants to fix it, and then puts a gun under his chin.

Bonnie asks Frank not to do it. Annalise insists he do it.

Back in the flash-forward, just 1 week later, Annalise sits in her cell. Asher, Michaela, and Oliver find Bonnie at the hospital. Oliver says she won’t tell him about the identity of the dead body because it’s Connor.

It isn’t Connor, because he’s in bed with Thomas and very much alive. Talk about revenge.

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Next episode, we’ll finally learn who’s under the sheet and how the fire started for the winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder.