10 Things We Are All Doing To Cope During This Election Result

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Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

After the election that rocked our worlds for the last year, the results are in and many of us are heartbroken. So here is 10 things we’re doing to cope.

The 2016 Presidential Election was one of the most important elections to date. And somehow, the one person we all thought would never win is now our president-elect. We never thought in a million years that he would beat a career politician yet here we are.

Everyone feels defeated and as if they are in a fog but at least we’re here and we are doing what we can to move on. Granted the coping mechanisms are different for each person, maybe we can all join together and make this country something better by working to rise above this election. (I refuse to write the phrase that He Who Must Not Be Named coined.)

So we have complied a list of 10 things that can help us get over the election hangover that covers us all. Ten things that make us happy despite the feeling of impending doom that is set on course for our country now.

Again, we know that this doesn’t do much to change what has been done but it can help us clear our heads and get ready to move forward. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we can’t just sit back and watch. So, best to get ready.