22 Times The 2016 Presidential Election Was A Dumpster Fire

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2. Hypochondriacs for Hillary

When your opponent has much more experience with policy than you, sometimes it’s necessary to get creative with how you combat them. So, Donald Trump chose to undermine Hillary Clinton on something which doesn’t involve her qualifications: Her health. Like with the Birther issue, he chose a rumour to spread, and accepted no prof when it was provided to him.

While Clinton has dealt with pneumonia relatively recently, she has since recovered. Yet Donald Trump’s campaign continues to cite stamina issues as a reason why she shouldn’t be elected. The specifics of what could be plaguing her are not given. Even though her doctor has given her a clean bill of health, Trump behaves as though some unknown illness could take her at any moment.

If anything, it seems like someone who spent so long on their feet while sick must have incredible stamina. It’s probably difficult to call in sick to being president. And it reflects poorly on Trump to treat a female candidate as though she is too frail to lead.

Speculating through innuendo probably did more to hurt Trump’s campaign than help it. Especially since Clinton has been continuing to prove just how active she can be through her campaign. Besides, Clinton seemed pretty lively during the presidential debates.