2016 Presidential Election: The Results Live-Blog

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9:50 PM ET:

Polls closing at 10 PM ET: Nevada, Iowa, Montana, and Utah, with parts of Idaho and Oregon closing.

9:44 PM ET:

Lin-Manuel Miranda, with some advice:

9:30 PM ET:

The AP calls Louisiana for Donald Trump, adding another 8 electoral votes to his pile.

9:28 PM ET:

Not “math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better,” but pretty great anyway: Bill O’Reilly’s face.

9:10 PM ET:

The AP has called Arkansas for Donald Trump. Again, not a big surprise.

Additionally, ABC has projected that Hillary Clinton will win Connecticut.

9:04 PM ET:

Called by the AP:

Hillary Clinton: New York

Donald Trump: Texas, Kansas, Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota

ABC puts the electoral vote count at 123-97, Trump.

9:01 PM ET:

Polls just closed in several states. Early projections from NBC News have Arizona, Colorado, and Wisconsin too early to call, and Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin too close to call.

8:55 PM ET:

And now, a hot Florida update.

No one dares call Florida just yet, but Clinton running up margins in counties like Broward should be taken as a positive sign.

8:53 PM ET:

Polls closing at 9 PM ET:

Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Wisconsin, and Wyoming

8:36 PM ET:

And now, a break for a good dog:

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