2016 Presidential Election: The Results Live-Blog

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Images via Ethan Miller/Getty Images and Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The long campaign season has finally come to an end. Time to take a look at the presidential election results. Who will win?

Today is the last day to vote. Today is the day we’ll find out whether we’ve elected Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to the highest office in the United States: the presidency.

Polls start closing at 6 PM ET.

Other polls won’t close until 1 AM ET tomorrow morning, thanks to Alaska. However, the race may very well be effectively over as soon as Florida’s results are announced and called (though Florida’s been known to resist being called quickly).

Below, you can find updates from Election Day, including videos and more.

2:06 AM ET:

CBS projects Hillary Clinton has won 3 of Maine’s 4 electoral votes.

John Podesta, campaign chair for Hillary Clinton, has just said that they will not concede tonight but urges everyone at the Javits Center to go home. On that note, we will be closing the live blog down for the night.

As our live tweet said: Tomorrow is another day, and we will stand together.

Good night.

1:46 AM ET:

Chris Hayes of MSNBC predicts that Hillary Clinton will likely win the popular vote.

1:42 AM ET:

CNN has projected Donald Trump will win Alaska. We’ll be closing up shop at 2 AM. Our live tweet has already ended.

1:37 AM ET:

Here’s a happy thing today. Oregon elected the nation’s first openly LGBT governor: Kate Brown.

Here is a less happy thing: the AP has projected Pennsylvania for Donald Trump.

1:28 AM ET:

Outlets like the AP and ABC News have called the Pennsylvania Senate race for Republican Pat Toomey.

1:02 AM ET:

Polls started closing 2 minutes ago in Alaska. That means that polls have closed everywhere in the United States.

12:56 AM ET:

Van Jones, on CNN:

12:34 AM ET:

Yes, that means Hillary Clinton has been projected to win Nevada.

12:31 AM ET:

CNN has Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin too close to call.

ABC’s current map. 244-215, Trump.

11:42 PM ET:

The AP’s current map:

232-209, Trump.

11:37 PM ET:

An electoral map, again from NBC News:

228-209, Trump.

11:35 PM ET:

The AP has called Georgia for Donald Trump.

11:30 PM ET:

NBC News projects Florida, Iowa, and Utah for Donald Trump. However, NBC only calls him the “apparent” winner in Florida.

11:25 PM ET:

A local NBC affiliate reports that Durham County in North Carolina, a Democratic stronghold, still has not uploaded 93,000 votes.

11:11 PM ET:

An electoral map from NBC News.

209-187, Clinton.

11:05 PM ET:

North Carolina has been projected to go Trump, according to CBS News.

11:01 PM ET:

NBC News projects Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Washington for Hillary Clinton. Idaho goes for Donald Trump.

10:53 PM ET:

The AP has projected Florida for Donald Trump.

10:50 PM ET:

Polls closing in 10 minutes: California, Washington, and Hawaii; parts of Alaska, Idaho, and Oregon.

10:43 PM ET:

Dow Jones futures are down over 600 points, according to CNN correspondent Jim Sciutto. That’s how nervous this election has made the world of business.

10:35 PM ET:

Fox News and NBC News have called Colorado for Hillary Clinton.

10:31 PM ET:

NBC News’ current electoral map. 168-122, Trump.

Currently not projected: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, New Hampshire, Maine, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa.

10:26 PM ET:

Speaking of Virginia, NBC News has also projected Hillary Clinton will win.

10:22 PM ET:

NBC News projects Donald Trump will win Ohio.

No one has followed up on that Virginia projection.

10:14 PM ET:

MSNBC just projected that Richard Burr (R) will win the Senate race in North Carolina.

10:07 PM ET:

Fox News — yes, that Fox News — projects Hillary Clinton will win Virginia. NBC News projects Donald Trump will win Missouri.

10:05 PM ET:

NBC News projects that Hillary Clinton will win New Mexico.

10:00 PM ET:

The Washington Post reports that Hillary Clinton has retaken a slim lead in Virginia. Still too close to call.

MSNBC reports Iowa and Nevada are too close to call; Utah is too early to call; and Montana will likely go for Donald Trump.