How to Get Away with Murder: 3 Questions for Episode 8


After How to Get Away with Murder dropped a big reveal last episode, here are our questions going forward into episode 8 and beyond.

Note: Need a reminder of what happened on How to Get Away with Murder last week? Here’s the Culturess recap. Spoilers will follow.

The Keating 5 has a traitor. Annalise has been accused of murder. Someone’s dead. And we still don’t know the identity of that someone! How to Get Away with Murder still has a couple cards to play before the mid-season finale. Two episodes remain.

Going into episode 8, the question of the identity of the dead man under the sheet stays at the top of the list. Right now, we know that Wes and Asher have survived, since we’ve seen them both in the flash forward. Our first question is more of a sub-question.

Is Frank dead?

Three main male characters still have unknown fates: Nate, Connor, and Frank himself. However, Nate really hasn’t played a huge role in the season since he broke up with Annalise. The strongest evidence that it’s Nate would be her reaction to seeing the body…which isn’t great evidence.

That really just leaves Connor and Frank. Based on the fact that Laurel was also at the house, it seems wisest to assume that they may have agreed to meet there and hash out their relationship. Presumably, she just kicks him out of her apartment. She and Wes have heated up considerably.

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This leaves Connor up in the air. Here’s what we know of his flash-forward movements. His phone was left at Michaela’s, and he spent time with Asher and Laurel. Asher says Annalise called them to the house, and that’s why Connor isn’t with him when Michaela finds him in the dorm. And, well, we all know Laurel went to the house.

Killing Connor would throw the entire season for a loop, so it isn’t outside of the realm of possibility. (Actor Jack Falahee also has a second role on PBS’ Mercy Street, coming back for a second season.) However, Frank and his transgressions have dominated a significant portion of this season. Might he have pulled off one last frame-job, this time to trap his former boss, at the cost of his own life?

What will Frank say to Annalise?

Speaking of Frank, the preview of this week’s episode shows that he will pay a visit to Ms. Keating. Bonnie insists that he just wants to come home and be part of the twisted little family that Annalise has going (okay, she didn’t say that last bit).

But will he be penitent, or angry? It appears that his mental state can’t be described as anything better than “shaken,” based on the preview of episode 8 that shows him saying he doesn’t know what he’ll do if he’s alone to Laurel.

Bonnie yelled at him, and that may have changed the tenor of his visit to Annalise, especially if Laurel also rejects him. However, Annalise can keep an eye on him if she accepts his apologies, and he does have a certain set of skills…

Why did Wes betray Annalise?

Not only did Wes become an informant, his information is likely what caused the police to arrest Annalise for murder and arson in the flash-forward. The question is: why? What could she have done in the span of the few weeks between the now of episode 7 and the flash-forward, just 2 weeks away?

Or this may have simply been building up. Although he didn’t take the opportunity to take out his anger and frustration on his professor, he heard everything Michaela, Asher, Laurel, and Connor had to say to her. Wes’ life has been ruined just like theirs. Keeping one more secret for Annalise may have just been too much for him.

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How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays on ABC.