How to Get Away with Murder Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Relationships and Traitors


On this week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder, there’s a traitor in the midst of the Keating 5, and multiple relationships developed further.

Warning: Spoilers for the November 3 episode of How to Get Away with Murder follow.

In the flash-forward, two detectives step into Annalise’s holding cell. They all sit in an interrogation room. Her charges? Arson and first-degree murder, based on word from an anonymous source.

2 weeks earlier, Wes sits in front of a deposition camera. While his lawyer blathers on, he says he saw Charles Mahoney right before the murder of Wallace Mahoney.

On campus, Annalise tells Wes off for lying, since he didn’t know anything about a potential alibi for Charles.

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The case of the week? Three siblings, Nelson, Jared, and Karen Duvall, are accused of trying to kill their mother with antifreeze. She can die at any time, so there will be pre-trial depositions. Each of the siblings has a reason to kill their mother: she’s verbally abusive, has nasty nicknames, and more.

Annalise promises an automatic A on the midterm to anyone who finds her a better suspect. In the absolutely packed workroom, Asher proposes the Keating 5 work together, and Michaela swipes a file and says that won’t be happening. Laurel and Wes leave together under the pretense of talking to people. As they strip their clothes off, she tries to talk about Annalise and lying to the cops, but he is far more focused on the kissing.

He has a point there, Laurel. Plotting is tough to do when you’re trying to take someone’s clothes off.

Still from How to Get Away with Murder 3×07. Image via ABC.

That night, Bonnie suggests asking Laurel to call her father. Annalise returns that Bonnie should call him. When Annalise brings up drinking, Bonnie says that she should to go an AA meeting. Annalise arrives, only to find President Hargrove talking about how her alcoholism caused her to lose custody of her kids. Hargrove cries as she speaks.

Wes and Laurel return, and the rest of the Keating 5 ask about Frank. No one has a suspect yet. Oliver summons Michaela over, showing off a message from Thomas. Asher and Michaela tease him that things are getting serious.

To Annalise, Everyone Is an Enemy (Probably)

At the AA meeting, Annalise tries to get out early. She praises the president for discussing that so openly, but then Hargrove brings up Wes’ new lawyer. “Let’s consider a scenario where I’m not the enemy here,” President Hargrove says.

Back in the workroom, Connor asks why Oliver won’t look at texts while he’s around. Asher interrupts the building tension to say that his suspect emailed an article about antifreeze to someone. Before the celebrating begins in Annalise’s office, Karen says that the incriminating email was sent to her in a secret account, and that she has a relationship with the man in question. The three clients start bickering, but Annalise cuts them off.

At court, Wes runs into Nate. Nate asks after the issue with the NYPD looking for Wes, but Wes assures him that it’s all good. Nate leaves with a warning.

Still from How to Get Away with Murder 3×07. Image via ABC.

In the deposition, Mrs. Duvall makes snide comments, causing Jared to say that he can’t wait for her to die. The students all come up with ways to mitigate the damage, but no one has any good ideas. Asher, meanwhile, just wants his A for finding his client’s secret boyfriend.

Wes and Laurel lie in bed together that night. He admits he’s had a crush on her since the first day they had class together, but thought he was out of her league. Before they can get to more amorous activities, Connor calls. Charles Mahoney has an alibi. Wes is in trouble.

Everyone meets in Annalise’s office. For once, she has no idea what to do. The Keating 5 turn on her, and though Bonnie tries to defend her boss, it does not help. So Annalise grabs a chair and asks them to tell her how they think she’s ruined their lives. “I said come at me!” she yells.

They Come At Her

Michaela goes first, blaming Annalise for putting her in Caleb’s way. Laurel gets mad about being ordered around. Asher calls her a bully. Connor says the Keating 5 are all basket cases, and Asher, Michaela, and Laurel all back him up with what they say.

Wes is the only one who refuses to go, and he says she knows how he feels about her. Annalise Keating eyes her students (and Bonnie), tells them to sleep well, and walks out, appearing completely unruffled.

Still from How to Get Away with Murder 3×07. Image via ABC.

Oliver and Thomas kiss in bed, and shirts come off. Before anything else comes off, Oliver goes into the bathroom and gives himself a pep talk. When he comes out, he actually manages to admit he’s HIV-positive before Thomas manages to get them both naked. The mood dies. Thomas says he needs to process this news and isn’t sure he wants to deal with it all.

While Mrs. Duvall’s interview plays, Bonnie brings Annalise a piece of cake and tells her boss that the students are just scared. As Bonnie begins discussing strategy, Annalise gets an idea: Edith Duvall poisoned herself. Laurel comes back, and she will be the one to trap Edith during the deposition.

Actually, They Can Handle the Truth

In court the next day, Laurel fumbles a bit, baiting the trap: Edith admits she knew about Karen’s secret relationship because she snooped in her employee’s email. Annalise and Laurel team up, asking question after question. As a result, Edith effectively says she poisoned herself.

Laurel wins the automatic A. Connor notices something wrong with Oliver, but can’t get a good response. On campus, Annalise runs into President Hargrove, and gives her the number of the best family attorney in town to help with that ongoing custody battle.

That night, Annalise finds Wes on her doorstep. He tells her about running into Nate and apologizes for lying to the cops. She tells him to stop feeling guilty about everything, because it does his mother a disservice.

Bonnie gets a knock on her door, and when she opens it, there’s Frank. Connor gets a surprise visit from a drunk Oliver, who admits Thomas isn’t ready to date someone who’s positive. Then, Oliver says the magic words: “I miss you.”

And then Connor says them back. Love has not died! Kissing begins. After a brief pause worrying about Michaela’s bed, they shut the door behind themselves.

Frank, meanwhile, tells Bonnie he’s sorry for leaving and that she was right. She doesn’t believe his apologies, and says he threw her efforts to help him back in her face. Though he’s in tears, she tells him to get out several times, getting successively louder each time. Then, she calls Annalise, who doesn’t answer because she’s sleeping.

Asher and Michaela walk in on Connor and Oliver hanging out on the couch together, and she finds her duvet upside down just as she’s about to get it on with Asher. On the phone with Wes, Laurel tells him good night and says she loves him.

Then Frank asks her “really?” From inside her house.

2 weeks later, Laurel wakes up, panicking. She gets a pen from Meggy, and Laurel scribbles Wes’ name. They haven’t been able to reach him.

That’s because he’s with the police. He’s the anonymous source and the traitor, and he’ll only talk for blanket immunity.

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Next episode, Frank will cause some more trouble and pay Annalise a visit. Viewer discretion has already been advised. Prepare yourselves now.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays on ABC.