Caturday Blogging: 10 Cats Who May Be Smarter Than Donald Trump

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3. A World Record Cat

Before we get to talking about this cat, we’d just like to take a moment to say that Kitten Impossible may be the best title for any series of all time.

Anyway! This Australian cat, Didga, not only knows how to skateboard, but made an attempt to break a Cat World Record for number of tricks in one minute. Apparently, the record was 20 tricks.

(Spoilers: Didga performs 24 separate tricks with commands from her owner, including jumping onto a skateboard and hiding a coin under her paw.)

That requires an amount of focus and patience to learn the tricks that Donald Trump could learn from. Recently, he has started talking to himself during campaign rallies, trying to stay on topic and keep calm.

He has had issues with that in the past. We’ve already discussed his famously short attention span, and the CNN article detailing his new strategy of talking to himself also describes how easy it has been to bait him during the campaign.

In other words, Didga’s focus is singular. Donald Trump…does not always have the same sort of focus, even with a Teleprompter. He’s been known to take those apart, too.