Caturday Blogging: 10 Cats Who May Be Smarter Than Donald Trump

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2. A Cat Burglar

This cat, SirEatsalot, happens to be one of our Editor-In-Chief’s cats. In the interest of full disclosure, we feel it necessary to tell you this.

Anyway, Sir Eats likes food, as his name suggests. We can’t blame him, though. Food is good.

However, he likes food so much that he has managed to thwart what should be an animal-proof container. He carefully spins the top open, gets the container out enough, and then sticks his head inside to get the noms.

Somehow, this still looks better than two of Donald Trump’s most famous food pictures of the campaign, even though it is probably very annoying for Sir Eats’ humans.

First, the taco bowl photo, posted on Cinco de Mayo with a caption that reads in part, “I love Hispanics!” (Compare and contrast to some of his comments. Note that that article is just from last year. Relatedly, for a good laugh, check out Full Frontal with Samantha Bee‘s response.)

Second, he apparently likes Kentucky Fried Chicken and eats it with a fork and knife. He could learn from Sir Eats that some foods are just meant to be eaten with your hands or paws, like chicken and cat kibble.