Caturday Blogging: 10 Cats Who May Be Smarter Than Donald Trump

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9. A Cat Who Plays Fruit Ninja

Unsurprisingly, many people have started cracking jokes about Melania Trump taking her husband’s phone away should she become First Lady. (Case in point.) She has vowed that she would combat cyberbullying in office.

Meanwhile, The New York Times has compiled a list of 282 things that Trump has insulted on Twitter since declaring he was running for president (again, that was in June of 2015. Look how far we’ve come). That includes the electoral process, Macy’s, a podium in the Oval Office, and Samuel L. Jackson.

What a list.

Here is a cat who knows how to use technology responsibly by playing Fruit Ninja. Once this cute kitty understands what the object of the game is, it gets to slicing apples, melons, and pineapples to its heart’s content.

Although it doesn’t get a super high score, 128 is pretty respectable for not having opposable thumbs and also not figuring out the game for several seconds.

Also, this cat appears to know that one should not tweet or do much of anything at 3 a.m., except wake up and practice more Fruit Ninja.

One hopes that the iPad has a screen protector on it, though. This cat seems like it wants to improve its ninja skills.