Caturday Blogging: 10 Cats Who May Be Smarter Than Donald Trump

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10. A Russian Kitty

As we all know, Donald Trump has what may actually be the world’s most epic combover. Gawker, before it shut down earlier this year, actually did an investigation and gave evidence that he may actually have what boils down to a weave.

In other words, he cares about his hair, or at least cares enough to keep his now-iconic (for all the wrong reasons) hairstyle.

This Russian cat cares about its paws, so much so that even while crossing a small bridge, it will not get them wet at any cost. Even if that means walking on the raised edges of the little plank. As long as it sees its reflection, it keeps up and above the water, and then drops back down to finish crossing on the actual bridge.

In other words:

Rah, rah, Russian cat, lover of nice dry feets,

There was a cat that really was gone,

Rah, rah, Russian cat, YouTube’s got some smart felines,

It’s a shame we can’t find some more…”

You get the point here, we’re sure.

As for the inevitable Trump and Russia joke, we’ll leave that to Hillary Clinton from her Al Smith Dinner appearance. Translating from the actual Russian sounds tough, though.