39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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Mark Darcy (Bridget Jones’s Diary)

We finish out our list much like we started, with a Darcy. Mark Darcy was the greatest thing that Helen Fielding ever gave us. She took Pride and Prejudice and made Bridget Jones’s Diary by taking certain bits of the Jane Austen novel and putting it in modern time.

The best part? She literally just copied and pasted Darcy. He’s the only one who is about the same through and through. He’s a proud man who is intrigued by Bridget but knows she’d reflect badly on him. But he can’t help it and ends up falling in love with her.

He doesn’t know how to express his feelings so, instead, he just does outrageously huge acts of romance to prove his love. Or he runs after Bridget and tells her that he likes her just as she is.

Mark also always wants to do what’s right. He’s a barrister for crying out loud but he also doesn’t force any opinions on Bridget. He lets her decide for herself what’s important and how she feels about him and that’s something that truly lacks in films. Mark never tells Bridget how she should feel about him, he just let’s her decide for herself.

Mark Darcy is the kind of man you’d be proud to show off to your family. He dedicates his life to what is right and he was willing to love and marry Bridget even if the baby wasn’t his and that is something truly special.

And so here we have a list of 39 beautiful romantic men. There are millions more but that would kill us to list because we already are upset they’re not real. Don’t make us list every single one too.

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