39 romantic male characters we’d love to date

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Colin Shea (What’s Your Number?)

Before Chris Evans was a superhero and made us aware of his hot arms, he was a love interest in What’s Your Number?. And that movie gives us everything we want out of Chris Evans. Meaning he’s basically naked the entire movie. He literally just has a dishtowel over his manhood in one scene and that’s it.

While Colin Shea is a slightly sexist man who lives off of other people since he has no money, he is a good ideal for that kind of man. He doesn’t understand Ally’s fascination with her number. She should be able to sleep with as many men as she wants, in his opinion, and he tries to get her to see that throughout the film.

Again, it is a very typical romantic comedy but it still has its moments.  He tries his hardest to make Ally happy and he’s willing to do whatever he can to help her find all the men she’s ever slept with and it’s weirdly sweet. He likes her but he wants to help her because it means spending time with her.

And even though he ends up lying to her, he still gets the girl and her number doesn’t change because it’s 2011 and feminism was a lie back then.