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Alex Fletcher (Music and Lyrics)

Another of Hugh Grant’s romantic classics was the hit Music and Lyrics starring Hugh and Drew Barrymore. Following failed pop singer Alex Fletcher, he begins writing songs for other pop artists with Sophie, a young up and coming song writer. They’re working together on a song for a new artist when they begin to fall in love with each other.

In typical romantic comedy fashion, they end up ending their relationship and Sophie hates Alex but then she goes to the concert of the pop singer they wrote for and Alex comes out to sing the song that he and Sophie originally wrote.

It’s beautiful and touching and very much a Hugh Grant movie. Alex is a womanizer who used to have fame and glory and lost it all when the band he was a part of broke up. He ended up performing in theme parks and trying to relive the glory of “Pop Goes My Heart”.

But it’s the fact that Alex puts his ego aside for Sophie that shows that while he’s not the best man out there, he does try his hardest to make Sophie happy. He does whatever he can to help her and love her and that’s all we can ask of him.