10 Things That Make Mamma Mia Amazing

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Dancing Queen

The importance of friendship in Mamma Mia is a constant theme throughout the entire film but it is in “Dancing Queen” where we really see how important Tanya and Rosie are to Donna. They’re there for her when no one else seemingly is and they have been there for her throughout everything.

They know how to make her laugh and bring her up when she’s at her lowest and it shows what true friendship can be. “Dancing Queen” is beautiful because it’s just two friends trying to make their other friend happy. They’re being kids again and it’s beautiful to watch.

Of course it goes into weird Mamma Mia territory and they are running around town dressed up but it’s that beginning that really fleshes out the importance of friendships. They humiliate themselves for their friend. It’s great and so wonderful to see. Especially because Christine Baranski and Julie Waters are hilarious and know exactly what they are doing.

While the song is definitely ABBA’s biggest hit, it’s also just a beautiful moment in the movie. Everyone is having fun and they make Donna forget her troubles and that’s what really is important. That and Julie Waters doing an Elvis impersonation is to die for.