10 Things That Make Mamma Mia Amazing

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Take A Chance On Me

“Take a Chance On Me” is an uplifting song on it’s own but in the context of the movie, it’s absolutely brilliant. Following Rosie and Bill and their budding romance, the song begins with Rosie convincing Bill to take a chance on her and give their love a go.

At first, it’s a little weird because it’s Rosie physically chasing after Bill. But as the song goes on, it’s clear that Bill also has feelings for her and they sing the rest of the song as a cute little duet. It also shows Colin Firth dancing with his new boyfriend in the most insane way but again, it’s Mamma Mia so it fits perfectly.

The thing about all the music in the movie is that it just all somehow works together. For a jukebox musical, each song is selected to perfectly work in that moment and makes you think that it was written specifically for the musical.

So while “Take A Chance On Me” isn’t ABBA’s best or most well known song but it definitely is an iconic scene in the movie. It’s just a fun little moment and shows all the characters being happy and living their lives the only way they know how.