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Are you ready for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood “Matrimony”? Will Ray J and Princess Make It Down The aisle? Here’s how to watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 3 Episode 12 live stream online!

Wait! Lets catch up on the details from “The Source”. Just in case you’re like me and would have trouble remembering your own head if it wasn’t connected, much less what went down on last week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Moniece found just what or in this case who, she was looking for in last week’s episode. No clue as to why Jason Lee and Fizz were acting as if the person behind her sex tape was a well-known rapper. I’m kind off leaning towards the idea that maybe they wanted the viewership to spike because who the hell is SL?

If you had no clue then you were definitely not alone. To make matters worse they had only listed the rapper’s name on the clip as SL! This pulled up nothing in a search, but after a little digging he can be found as Money SL. Money SL turns out to be a hardly-known rapper, who knows a lot of well-known artists and is on Floyd Mayweather’s record label… Which also means that he could benefit a lot from the release of a sex tape. Especially with Moniece, who is at least a little more well-known than he is himself.

Ok, now that we got that squared away… Lets get back to the subject of Moniece trying to prevent the leak of said tape. Moniece tracked Phillip aka Money SL down and talked to him about leaking the tape. Phillip claimed that he had no intentions to leak the tape, but that Jason Lee picked up his phone at a party. He came across the video after flipping through the phone, while trying to find out who it belonged to.

This was most likely a lie and Moniece was quick to call it. He also claimed that there were no other copies. Moniece tried to attack Phillip after he continued to be dishonest about the situation.

Lyrica managed to patch things up with Pam, following their argument after Momma Lyrica had A1’s car towed. This shouldn’t have come as too big of a surprise because as you already know, Pam loves her daughter-in-law. Pam’s biggest issue is with Momma Lyrica and how she treats everyone, including her own daughter, Lyrica.

Lyrica told Pam that her mom was ready to give their car back. She invited Pam to go along with her to switch cars back with her mom, since she still had Momma Lyrica’s car after A1 drove off with it. At this point it seemed likely that another mom fight was coming, but Lyrica’s plan actually worked.

This was a shocking turn of events and probably a first for the Love & Hip Hop franchise. Come on now, when has a person ever planned a makeup meeting that actually worked out right, on any episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? We might actually owe Lyrica some heavy credit on this one!

While all of this was going on, Teairra Mari was facing how serious her upcoming charges really are. She was late for court and turned herself in after finding out she had a warrant out for her arrest. She was hoping that the judge would take pity on her, but instead found herself in jail waiting to be bonded out.

Nikki seemed to be in a better place and was waiting along with a mutual friend when Teairra Mari got out 6 hours later. Actually, it might have been 6 years, if you hear Teairra Mari tell it, but maybe this will be her wake up call. At least, this is the hope of her friends anyway…

This recent reflection and change of heart does not mean that Miss Nikki Baby doesn’t have trouble in her future. She made up with both Safaree and Rosa, but supposedly Rosa is just a friend. Rosa however, seemed to believe that Nikki was trying to get her back, while in the meantime Safaree was talking to Nikki about marriage, babies, and a dog? Yes, a dog… He may have been joking about all three. Hopefully?

Boy! Did Hazel-E really make an impact with her return or what? It became apparent early on that she and Masika have some unfinished business from last season and new business over their recent Twitter war. Masika was pissed that Hazel-E had been telling everyone that her baby daddy Fetty, was in her new single. Masika hopped on Twitter and claimed that it wasn’t Fetty in Hazel’s song so Hazel responded that it’s possible that Fetty isn’t Masika’s baby daddy.

This led Masika to track down Hazel and both shared some harsh words. Masika feels that Hazel is “jealous” of her, but what reason would Hazel-E have to be jealous of Masika? She isn’t even with Fetty Wap. Besides, Hazel didn’t claim to do anything other than a song with Fetty.

Masika tells Hazel that she got “sucked, plucked, and pumped”. Hazel-E asks why Masika doesn’t look “fabulous” because she has “BD money”. (By this Hazel-E means that Masika should have money to look good because she has baby daddy money.) Hazel throws her drink at Masika and this was how you were greeted with the return of Hazel-E…

Brandi was upset with Max when she found out that he told Fizz about their upcoming plan to leak Moniece’s tape. Max however, was able to do a little convincing and Beyoncé referencing, in order to get Brandi to agree that Moniece was not worth her time. Brandi’s next big worry is whether she should tell Ray J about Princess’ plan with the prenup. Do you think she will tell?

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The big surprise from last week was Princess’ second thoughts and upcoming plan to hit Ray J with a prenup. But wait just a minute! Didn’t we recently see Ray J tear up a prenup because Princess was upset over it? This has disaster spelled all over it! It makes total since for both parties in this relationship to want a prenup because of the craziness that both parties have dealt with from each other through the years. Still why not just go along with Ray J’s original and add your own prenup? Princess is out to prove some kind of point to Ray J, but what is it exactly?

Hopefully, we will figure out exactly where all of this is going on the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

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Date: Monday, October 30
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