With One Down, Here Are Donald Trump’s Other Six Horcruxes

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NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 26: Protestors rally against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a ‘Nasty Women Protest’ outside of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, October 26, 2016 in New York City. The New York City chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) organized the protest. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Trump Tower

High up in his tower, the evil lord Trump sits looking down upon his evil followers. He stares down onto Columbus Circle and dreams of ruling this domain. His ‘Trump Tower’ is his pride possession, the epitome of his power and that is why it is his second horcrux.

Everyone who has ever gone to New York City has seen one of Trump’s buildings. And if you’re not sure if you’ve seen one or not, trust me, you’d know. For every building that Trump owns has his name stamped on it. Literally.

The building that would be his horcrux however is the one that houses his exceptionally outlandish penthouse mansion. Trump made an apartment at the top of Trump Tower overlooking Central Park and Columbus Circle. It’s insane and has enough gold to give a third world country immense wealth.

So of course he has split a part his soul and made Trump Tower hold it. It’s literally the physical embodiment of his wealth. Guess we just have to find some way to destroy Trump Tower next. Maybe we can just knock off a level so it’s no longer the tallest building in Manhattan. That’d really break apart Trump.