The 17 Most Feminist Halloween Costumes For 2016

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NEW YORK, NY – JULY 29: Yoko Ono speaks at Amnesty International Tapestry Honoring John Lennon Unveiling at Ellis Island on July 29, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Yoko Ono

In 1971, Yoko Ono published “The Feminization of Society,” and it changed how people viewed our culture:

"“This society is driven by neurotic speed and force accelerated by greed, and frustration of not being able to live up to the image of men and woman we have created for ourselves; the image has nothing to do with the reality of people.“"

She has been known to question the societal differences between men and women, and how they were established. She’s dedicated years of her life to performance art, attempting to defy the stereotypes that different genders see in one another. “All women are feminists. Being a feminist allowing woman to be natural, for what she is, whatever it is. All of us can be natural and we’re all feminist in that sense.

She’s most famous for her piece entitled, “Cut Piece,” where she asks audience members to cut away pieces of her clothing. This could easily made into a Halloween costume. Or you could find yourself a John Lennon, and go as preachers of the peace. Her and Lennon were married for 11 years and throughput that time; they battled and fought for equality, and were a dynamic duo while doing it.