The 17 Most Feminist Halloween Costumes For 2016

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Daenerys Targaryen

Be the Daenerys Targaryen you wish to see in the world. She’s a widow, a mother, a Queen, and a person who’s been through a whole hell of a lot. Her love story with Drogo proved that she was much more powerful than most. His respect for her almost as an equal was a fan favorite throughout the series. His treatment of his Khaleesi was not typical, proving that she influenced him in a way that changed him for the better.

Daenerys was born during a terrible storm, of both literal and political proportions. Her strength and courage is said to stem from this- that she fears nothing because she was born into a storm.

She’s also just a rebellious badass, breaking Dothraki law. When a Khal dies, his Khaleesi must become one of the dosh khaleen, the ruling crones of the Dothraki. They act as seers for the Khals. But Daenerys decided she didn’t want to do that after Drogo’s death.

Daenerys’ long blonde hair is a trademark of her, with elegant curls. Add a dragon to each shoulder, and you’ve got yourself a costume.