How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Perd Hapley

Perd Hapley sees this election and is afraid of it. But Perd Hapley has no idea who he voting for for most of it. Honestly, Perd would probably not understand the concept of voting in general. He did think E.T was supposed to be realistic.

Most characters on Parks and Recreation are completely formed and hilarious but Perd is hard. He’s a news anchor who isn’t the smartest person in the world so he’d probably just go with other reporters and who they’re choosing and it’s just as hard for them.

So Perd probably just doesn’t vote. He’ll report on it for as long as the news station tells him to but other than that, the election barely registers to Perd Hapley. Unless it’s handed to him as news, he doesn’t see it as important.

On November 8th, as he’s announcing who’s winning what states, he’ll maybe realize there is an election happening. But other than that, he probably doesn’t know what is going on in the world.

Our dear Perd won’t even realize there is an election happening until it’s too late. And at that point, he won’t care enough to vote. But if he knew what was happening, he’d probably vote for someone he knew. Like Joan.