How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Dave Sanderson

Despite Dave Sanderson conceding to Ben and giving Leslie up (even though he is the one who left for San Diego) he would still vote for Hillary to impress her. He never really got over Leslie so every once in a while he sends her Hillary articles to show his support.

He doesn’t really know anything about the election other than that Leslie would be voting for Hillary Clinton and he should probably vote for her too. Sure he probably heard of the nasty things Trump said about women (and maybe he even texts Leslie to say how bad they are) but he’s pretty blind to it all.

So he goes on Election Day and votes for Hillary and takes a picture of his sticker to send to Leslie because he knows you’re not allowed to take a picture of your ballot. And he is proud in his decision to vote for Clinton.

Dave isn’t the kind of guy to vote for Trump just because he’s a guy who will look out for him as a white male. He recognizes that Leslie knows more about politics and this stuff than he does and trusts her.

So Dave Sanderson, cop extraordinaire, goes in and votes for Hillary Clinton to make Leslie Knope proud.