How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Joan Callamezzo

Joan is that one rich woman who was never registered to vote but did for this election to vote for Trump. Why you ask? Because she heard “Clinton will take your money away” and said “I will have none of that”. (These women exist)

And so she asks her assistant to send in her voting registration forms and gets an absentee ballot (despite being in town) so she can easily vote from home early for Donald Trump. She doesn’t want Crooked Clinton taxing her more because how else would she get drunk or powder her vagina?

Joan would tell people she was voting for him too and hold it over their head. Just to prove she was better for doing so. Leslie would realize what a lost cause it was and wouldn’t even talk politics with Joan. After all, Joan would try and convince Leslie to vote Trump but Leslie wouldn’t do that to Joan.

In the end, she’d vote for the Donald but probably be too drunk or out of it to mail in her ballot so she might not get to actually cast her vote. Unless her assistant did it for her. Or she’d vote for Batman in the city of Gotham.