How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Mark Brendanawicz

The phrase “laughing out loud” could be used to describe Mark Brendanawicz. He was the ‘love interest’ of the first two seasons and then Mark Brendanaquits and then we got Ben and Chris. No one liked him really (a few did and still do and that’s fine) but he definitely is voting for Trump.

Let’s breakdown why: He’s a mans man who doesn’t really respect women even when he’s ‘reformed’. He stops womanizing and is still a huge asshole to Leslie and Ann and every other woman he encounters romantically. And then when he gets dumped, he gets super victim like and wants everyone to feel bad for him.

If that’s not someone who is going to turn around and vote for Trump then I don’t know who is. He definitely didn’t even think of voting for Hillary. Mark was like “Ah yes, a man who speaks his mind like me. I like him” and decided instantly that Trump would be his guy.

(Please see all of this through a lens of ‘Mark Brendanawicz is a terrible person so he might not do any of this but he’s not a good man)

So Mark is voting Trump and making himself even more of a douchebag.