How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Mona-Lisa Saperstein And Dr. Saperstein

You’d think Mona-Lisa Saperstein wouldn’t want to vote or care about the election and you’d be right. She’d only care if it threatened her directly. So she doesn’t do a single thing for the election and she doesn’t even go and vote. She does help her brother throw the fundraiser though but that’s only because she thinks it’s just a party.

When she finds out that Jean-Ralphio tricked her into helping (he doesn’t trick her, he just says it’s a party), she throws a fit and forces her father to vote for Trump out of spite. No one understands it but the only one brave enough to fight her on it is Leslie.

So when Leslie sits her down to start explaining the importance of voting, Mona-Lisa starts flipping out like one of the triplets would and Leslie starts treating Mona-Lisa like one of her kids. That or Mona-Lisa would only appear in anything to do with the election if there was a promise of some singer she loves going to be wherever she was.

No matter, Mona-Lisa doesn’t care about this election. She only cares about herself. Which is nothing new, that’s all her character did but it’s why we love Mona-Lisa. And let’s be real, Dr. Saperstein was voting for Trump anyway.