How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

Jean-Ralphio is going to end up voting on the wrong day. He would be down for a lady president and he’d say some weird things about her pant suits and how they turn him on, but he’d be cool with her being the leader of the free world.

He wouldn’t do anything to help the campaign, he’d say he would and then forget about it. Or he’d throw a ‘fundraiser’ that actually put everyone involved in the hole with paying for all the stuff he got for the party. Maybe Hillary Clinton herself would even show up to thank him and Leslie would pass out the minute she stepped into the room.

But come the day of the election, Jean-Ralphio would wake up at 8 o’clock in the evening and go to vote only to realize that he couldn’t vote whenever he wanted. When the results were announced though, he’d sing about how he went to vote and then couldn’t because he missed it. If there was a tie between Trump and Clinton and he admitted that, Ben would have to hold Leslie back because if he didn’t, she might’ve killed Jean-Ralphio Saperstien right on the spot.