31 Times Gilmore Girls Had the Best Representation of Female Friendship

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3. Lorelai Helps Rory Make Friends On Her First Day of College

Season 4, Episode 2 “The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale”

Going to college is a big step for anyone, but especially for both Lorelai and Rory who realize it will be the first time they have spent a significant amount of time apart. Rory doesn’t really know how to make friends, she’s known Lane since kindergarten and barely made it out of Chilton with anyone new besides, begrudgingly, Paris, who is now her college roomie. It is the first time Rory will be completely on her own, having to rely on herself and not support from her mom.

Lorelai does everything possible to set Rory up for success on her first night of Yale. She orders a ton of food and invites the other girls in the dorm. She shows everyone where the good coffee is. She plays her typical cool mom self and it works. Everyone has a great time and it enables Rory to socialize with new people in a safe and familiar way.

The bond of Lorelai and Rory as friends and constant companions is what makes it so hard for them to be apart. When your mom is your best friend there is always someone around to talk to, to do things with. Rory has never needed to seek comfort anywhere else. Lorelai encouraging Rory and helping her make new friends is what makes their relationship so special. She is struggling as much as Rory is, but she knows this needs to happen. She wants to see her daughter succeed and get out of life all the things she was never able to have. That is the ultimate sacrifice.