31 Times Gilmore Girls Had the Best Representation of Female Friendship

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30. Rory Supports Paris’ May/December Relationship

Season 4, Episode 20 “Luke Can See Her Face” & Season 5, Episode 3 “Written in the Stars”

Paris starts dating Professor Asher Fleming (Michael York) during her freshman year at Yale. Rory is skeptical about their relationship because of the considerable age difference, but she does like seeing Paris happy for a change. She tries to be as supportive as possible while also making sure her friend doesn’t get hurt.

Even though Rory doesn’t agree with the relationship, she is nothing if not a loyal friend. When Asher ends up in the hospital, Rory sasses a young girl who comes to visit him thinking it is another lover. The girl is actually just his granddaughter, but in that moment Rory was in Paris’ corner and that is all that matters. Later when Asher dies, Rory is the one who helps Paris plan the wake and even lets her store the printing press he leaves her in their dorm room.

Everyone can relate to the experience of having a friend who dates someone you may not like. The only thing you can do is wait for the whole thing to be over and keep your feelings to yourself. Which is what Rory does for the most part. Especially since it’s Paris and it’s pretty hard to talk that girl out of anything. Besides Rory makes some mistakes in her life when it comes to relationships so she’s not really in the position to judge anyone.