31 Times Gilmore Girls Had the Best Representation of Female Friendship

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12. Rory Buys Friendship With Bangles Tickets

Season 1, Episode 13 “Concert Interruptus”

Rory has a rough time when she first arrives at Chilton. Paris and her cronies go out of their way to make her life miserable. However, after being forced to work with them on a school project, the early signs of friendship appear. Lorelai sees it too and offers up concert tickets for the girls to see The Bangles so they can continue bonding.

This is the very beginning of Rory’s friendship with Paris. They are both starting to realize they have more in common than they are willing to admit. Paris has a shell that she wears to protect herself, but she finds herself opening up to Rory about the problems with her parents and her feelings for Tristan. Rory in turn is finally not seeing Paris as her enemy, but a person who is in need of affection and kindness in her life.

Rory is still navigating where she fits in at Chilton.  At this point she is more interested in getting Paris, Madeline, and Louise to leave her alone and stop antagonizing her than creating a genuine relationship. These early high school friendships are hard. Add in a highly competitive school, boy drama, and being a new student and Rory isn’t having the easiest time. The other girls, especially Paris, are intimidated by her at first and that takes time to get over. The concert doesn’t fix everything, but it is Rory extending an olive branch in hopes of making her next three years at school a little easier.