47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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11. Carl Loses Eye

Let’s just throw this one right after above three-way death sequence. As Ron is aiming his gun to get revenge on Rick, and Michonne introduces him to her sward, his gun fires as he’s taken down. Although the bullet misses Rick, it goes right through Carl’s eye, leaving viewers stunned.

Not only was this shocking by its self, it happened immediately after Jessie, Ron, and Sam were all killed. The episode, itself, was intense, and every scene lead to more danger. This tested a lot of characters limits and a lot of them felt the blame for this. It ignited a fire inside Rick though, and I’m going to say it was for the best.

After Carl was shot, the people of Alexandria began fighting for their home again. Rick started it and everyone else followed. They went out with guns and weapons, and every ounce of built up rage was unleashed on the hundreds of walkers taking over their streets. This proved the inner strength that each of them had. An inner strength that can only be summoned when a tragedy strikes and when your blood is boiling. I think this moment bonded a lot of the characters, realizing they need to help one another for survival.