47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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10. The Barn

After Rick’s group had been spending long days and tireless nights searching for Sophia, Carol’s daughter, it was expected that they would eventually find her- walker or not walker. However, nobody expected where exactly she would pop up, so when she did, it was quite the surprise for everyone.

Hershel had been keeping friends, neighbors, and family who have turned in his barn. He couldn’t stand the thought killing them, so he and his family continued to feed them and keep them locked up. Of course, when Rick got word of this, he decided he needed to do something. He rallied his group and took matters into his own hands, opening the barn doors and killing every walker that came out. Once they thought they were done, one last walker came out. Sophia.

At this point, Carol has lost everything, igniting her transformation into a new self. Not only that, I think every character at this point went through their own revolution. They’ve all spent so much time looking for this girl, with the hopes she’s still alive, and then to see that she’s been cooped up all along in a barn on Herschel’s property. Everyone changed with that death.