10 Best Moments from Hamilton’s America

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1.  Leaving a Legacy

Before this play Alexander Hamilton was probably best known for being killed in a duel. Now we know him for his writing, his stubbornness, his creation of our modern economy, and yes, his sex scandal. This play has changed not only the fact that we view our founders as men, but that we see them at all. “I knew that Hamilton was going to change my life, but I didn’t anticipate how much we’d help Hamilton in turn”, Miranda says almost with awe in the film. It’s a touching moment. Afterall, he did save Hamilton from getting kicked off the $10 bill recently.

Even more importantly, Hamilton has given us the story of Eliza. And the orphanage.  The woman who dedicated her entire life to telling her husband’s story now has people visiting her grave and donating money to her charities all because of this play.

Hamilton asks, “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” This documentary is all about the telling of the story of the people who told a different version of history- one that never gets told. It is creating a legacy for people like LMM who dared to see America as something different. A place where everyone’s voices are heard and a place we could believe in.

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