10 Best Moments from Hamilton’s America

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Image via Joan Marcus

2. Being in the Room Where It Happens

The history and the talking are all well and good, but let’s be honest, many of us were just watching Hamilton’s America to see some of the scenes from the play itself. Hamilton is still the hottest ticket in town and unless you live in New York or now Chicago, you won’t be able to see it in person.

The doc does not disappoint. It shows scenes from “Hurricane”, “Wait For It”, “Helpless”, and “Here Comes the General” among many others. Seeing these scenes  for the first time, paired with the choreography, sets, and light makes you see the play in a whole new way. It is such a different experience from imagining how it might play out in your head while listening to the soundtrack in the car. Like who knew Hamilton, Burr, Lafayette, and Mulligan were *actually* doing shots during “My Shot”? Or that Eliza is actually seen onstage when Hamilton is contemplating death in”The World Was Wide Enough” (SOB).

These are the little moments we will cling to when the Grammy and Tony performances aren’t enough. These are the moments we will build on to create the rest of the play in our minds until and if we are lucky enough to see the play. We will never be satisfied, but for now this is enough.