16 Best Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs (So Far)

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Screengrab courtesy of The CW: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, episode ‘My Mom, Greg’s Mom and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves!’

#15: “Where’s the Bathroom?”

Tovah Feldshuh’s first musical number on the show is everything I could’ve wished for and more. She bursts into the house demanding to use the bathroom after a long flight, and doesn’t stop sing-yammering from there on out. In typical mom fashion, she concerns herself with Rebecca’s weight, her eczema, her “charming” house, and anything else she can think to comment on before taking a breath. Within thirty seconds, we completely understand every mother-related issue Rebecca’s ever expressed, and her nurturing relationship with Paula doesn’t just make perfect sense, it feels absolutely necessary. But that doesn’t stop the song from being one of the funniest of the season. Tovah Feldshuh doesn’t let this woman slip into being a stereotype or a caricature, even when she’s convinced herself that her daughter is gay because she doesn’t have any vases and wears minimal makeup. She’s a tragically hysterical character with an outrageously entertaining opening number. Here’s hoping we see more of her next season, and that next time she arrives, Rebecca’s had the sense to buy at least one vase.

Lyric highlight:

“You call that a bathroom? That’s what passes for a bathroom? There were no bowls of rocks or any decorative soaps.”