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If you didn’t catch last weeks episode of LHHH you might want to get caught up! For those of you who didn’t miss it, hang tight because you know things are beginning to get messy. You can also catch the recap and updated live stream right here at Culturess.

Last weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was entitled Retribution and for good reason. The majority of the cast members spent the episode either mending past relationships or preparing get backs on others. Plans got made that can never be reversed. As all of this was going on, it led you to question just how low people will actually sink to get retribution.

Miss Nikki Baby was more subdued than usual. She found herself reflecting on just how much the loss of her brother has her work habits and love-life. Nikki’s brother Omar overdosed last year. This led her to step up and get more involved with the family businesses. She also admitted that the games that she had been playing in her recent love triangle with Rosa and Safari were a result of her trying to stay occupied and keep her mind off of her loss.

Speaking of self-reflection… Masika was looking back on her and Fetty Wap’s relationship. She claims they really had more than just a fling, but Fetty is still clinging to it being more of a weekend. He says that she is calling him late to see their daughter. She however, puts the late night calls on him. Masika did own up to saying if he came late that he would have to stay the night, but only to help out.

Brandi has been cooking up a scandal to get payback for Moniece’s earlier stunt. Moniece if you recall, put Brandi’s husbands past indiscretions on blast at her listening party. Princess found out that Jason Lee had some dirt on Moniece and went to see him about it. Jason Lee was not too happy about helping Brandi out because of a prior incident from last season. He had called Brandi a Chihuahua and she proceeded to throw a drink in his face.

Brandi got Princess set up a meeting with Jason Lee so that she could apologize in order to get the dirt on Moniece so she could get her payback. The apology and gift she brought were not enough for Jason Lee. He did decide to forgive her and promised to give her the “receipt” on one condition… She had to stand on one leg and bark like a dog, which she did as you can see from the Check Yourself clip above. Not only did she stand on one leg and bark, but she added her own cute details! Hand out and hop… Really?

Moniece in the meantime, was dishing out Brandi’s business again on a girls night out. Not only did she recap the situation from her listening party, but she also went into more detain of what happened with Brandi and her husband Max. Moniece also called Brandi a bad mother and used some harsh words about her, which included Moniece saying that she didn’t care if Brandi was to “choke on her husbands dirty… And die”. Yep, that’s Moniece, but it’s up to you whether or not she deserves what’s coming to her…

Lyrica was also trying to mend some fences, but at least she was trying to be civil when asking her mom to bury the hatchet over her and A1’s elopement. All went well between the mother and daughter aside from Mama Lyrica’s shocking request. She wants the newlyweds to pay for her liposuction. Lyrica had no problem with mom’s interesting request and even invited her to their second wedding reception.

At the Barbecue however, it became apparent that A1 was not over Momma Lyrica’s outburst and accusations that he pushed Lyrica into the elopement. So he offered her a pink waist trainer as a present instead of the lipo, which he said they would not pay for. Doesn’t look like she Momma Lyrica will be getting lipo with his money! A1 also did all of this in front of everyone at the BBQ as if Lyrica’s mom wouldn’t have been embarrassed enough by the gift.

It became evident rather quickly that Lyrica had no idea what A1’s plans were beforehand. The BBQ erupted into a volatile situation in which Lyrica and her mom both ended up leaving. A1 might have taken things way to far with Momma Lyrica and his plan may just blow up in face as the possibility of an annulment looms in the air.

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So what’s in store for this weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? You’ll just have to check out the livestream details below and don’t forget to catch the recap right here on Cuturess…

Date: Monday, October 17
Start time: 8/7c
Episode: “The Leak”
TV Channel: VH1