A New Tumblr Thread Shows Why Humans Are Completely Insane But That’s Why Vulcans Love Them


The Vulcans are a calm people but when you put them face to face with humans, we run the Starfleet Academy because of our complete lack of tact.

Humans have been known to complete destroy warp cores as a way of understanding them and Vulcans find it endearing. Though humans are seen as creatures who have no inhibitions, it truly comes from our lack of understanding of the technology we’re dealing with.

Take for instance the relationship of our dear Captain Kirk and his Vulcan friend Spock. Kirk often decides to do insane things to a remedial task and rather than Spock explaining the easier way, he let’s Kirk do as he pleases.

It’s happen throughout all of our Starfleet history. Many a time our human selves have decided to make additions to perfectly working technologies. Remember when we blew up a sun by flying two warp cores into it? One would have sufficed but we wanted it to be faster.

At least, that the theory behind a tumblr conversation between Trekkies (or Trekkers), on Tumblr that’s gone viral this afternoon. Read On!

"The United Federation of “hold my beer, I got this”"

Vulcans, the intelligent counterparts to us, run the Vulcan Science Academy on their home planet. They know a lot about the inner workings of our ships yet we try and make them better. Ever wonder why the Starship Enterprise is always malfunctioning? Because we can’t leave well enough alone.

But it’s why the Vulcans love us humans as much as they do. They’re fascinated by our drive and our willingness to do anything. Even if that ‘anything’ includes ripping a hole in the universe and getting ourselves thrust into an alternate reality.

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So though we may not be the best beings to run Starfleet Academy, we sure are the most willing to explore and do whatever is necessary for us to succeed because that’s what humans do. After all, we have to explore where no man has gone before.