30 DIY Halloween Costumes For Empowered Ladies

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Barb (Shannon Purser) in Stranger Things, Screencap via Netflix

Barb – Stranger Things

Why She’s Awesome: This summer’s Netflix hit Stranger Things featured many badass women, but none so iconic as Barb (played extraordinarily by newcomer Shannon Purser). While Nancy was technically the protagonist, it was her bespectacled best friend that stole the show. What Barb lacked in screen time, she made up for in presence and well-placed sassy faces. Barb was never afraid to tell Nancy what she truly thought. Both her genuine personality and killer mom jeans prove that Barb could not care less what you or any of your popular friends thought of her. A true original, to the very end.

Barb (Shannon Purser) in the Upside-Down in Stranger Things, Screencap via Netflix

What You’ll Need: If you don’t have Barb’s iconic red hairstyle, you may want to invest in a cheap wig or temporary hair paint. The high-waisted jeans are a must, and your mom can probably let you borrow some. A ruffle-y, button-up shirt is sure to be at your nearest Goodwill, as are those retro square-framed glasses. A quick tip: the ones with plastic frames are easy to paint, and you can usually pop the lenses out with no problems. And some eyeliner-freckles would not be misplaced on the face of this queen.

Next Level Move: Upside-Down Barb! Add some zombie-inspired vein makeup and mix some dark eyeshadow with Vaseline for gross monster-world goop. You can even cocoon yourself in fake spiderwebs and include a plastic slug for full effect!