30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Murder House: You’re Gonna Die In There

Adelaide set up the entire feel for American Horror Story. The pilot begins with twin boys being absolute jerks to a small girl outside of the main house. They’re rude to her because she has Downs Syndrome and they call her a freak but she doesn’t let it phase her. She simply says “Excuse me, you are gonna die in there”.

If you weren’t freaked out by the description of the show, the first thirty seconds really set the mood for what you were getting yourself into. Especially when Adelaide says “You’re gonna regret it” after the two boys ignore her and enter the house anyway.

The line became iconic for fans of the show, especially when describing it to people. “You are gonna die in there” became something of a catchphrase and everyone remembered how terrifying that first bit was. After all, we watch two young boys get brutally murdered when a very young girl stands outside clearly knowing what is happening in the house.

Adelaide’s story ends up being extremely sad and she just wants to be a pretty girl and she is the most relatable character in the Murder House season. But that doesn’t change the fact that she set the tone for the entire show and made us terrified of what kids really know.