30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Roanoke: Pig Man Runneth Loose

Ryan Murphy sure loves his pig headed men. In Murder House and now in Roanoke, people are haunted by a man with a pigs head over his own. With the Butcher, she ends up putting a pigs head on a man and then that man haunts Shelby and Matt’s house.

In the latest episode, Shelby goes to take a shower and when she opens the curtain the man with the pig head is waiting for her. If you’ve never had that fear of opening a shower curtain to something standing behind it, you’re not a real human being.

But then the pig man chases them through the house until Dennis O’Hare yells “CROATOAN” and the pig man disappears. Which brought up even more questions that have yet to be answered but we’ll have to wait until this week’s episode. Or maybe they’ll be left unanswered, who really knows with Ryan Murphy anymore. We may never know why the pig man just disappears if you yell out “CROATOAN”. It could be as simple as that’s what was written on the trees when the Roanoke settlers disappeared or it could be something more.

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