30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Roanoke: Nurses Who Like To Murder

American Horror Story is no stranger to creepy nurses who murder their patients. It’s been a normal trend throughout the entire series. But the Roanoke nurses are something else entirely.

They invite patients into this house who’s children or relatives do not want to deal with them any longer. Why, you ask? Because they want to murder them. Again, not shocking when it comes to American Horror Story. But the creepiest part is that they choose their victims based on their first names.

They do this because they want to spell MURDER on the walls. Their evil prowess is so powerful that they can’t even paint over the letters spelled out on the living room wall. Instead, only wallpaper can cover the evil deeds of these two.

It’s more disturbing than anything else. They do it for fun and nothing else. While more of the murders in American Horror Story have some kind of purpose or ritual behind it, these are just because of the nurses enjoy killing.

Maybe we’ll learn more about their background as the season progresses but right now, they just seem insane. They like murdering and they chose the defenseless as their prey. It’s truly messed up.