9 Reasons You Should Be Reading Marvel’s MOCKINGBIRD

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A smart, sexy, wildly creative comic about a female superhero who saves her (often shirtless) male love interests with her powers and scientific knowledge? Sign us up!

Although many comic and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans may know of Mockingbird, some Marvel moviegoers may be unfamiliar with the superhero also known as agent Bobbi Morse, the woman with a biology Ph.D. who was injected with Super-Soldier serum and Infinity formula which give her superstrength along with her natural super sarcasm. Although she’s been featured in comics since the early ’70s, there hasn’t been a comic focused on her until this year.

It was worth the wait. Created by a trio of women—writer Chelsea Cain, artist Kate Niemczyk, and color artist Rachelle Rosenberg—Mockingbird is fantastic: hilarious, feminist, witty, inventive, and with fun paper dolls at the end to boot. What more could a geek girl want?

If you haven’t yet discovered this comic gem, check out these ten reasons why it’s totally worth your while, whether you’re a regular reader of comics or not.