9 Reasons You Should Be Reading Marvel’s MOCKINGBIRD

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It’s Feminist

With a female writer, artist, and color artist, Mockingbird is a great comic for those of us who want to support women-created comics. Yet the comic is also itself very feminist: showing us a smart, complex lead female who kicks ass as much as she quips, and isn’t in need of saving.

In the letters section at the back of the second issue, writer Chelsea Cain fielded a question from a reader asking if there would ever be a “shirtless Bobbi” in an upcoming issue. She responded by explaining how since Mockingbird has never been at the forefront of her own comic before, she’s always played a supporting role, and not always a very empowering one. “Bobbi has only ever appeared in THE GUY’S version,” she writes. “Will we ever see Bobbi topless? Maybe!…But we will never ever see Bobbi take off her shirt. But which I mean she will never serve someone else’s story just for the sake of it. She will never suffer an absolute lack of agency only as a means to move forward some other character’s narrative. She gets to be the one who wins.”

In case you need more proof, take a look at her shirt in the cover above, which reads “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda.”